Extraordinary Value of A Man

Extraordinary Value of A Man

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To bring out the best in all the men in your life by understanding how men really view and value women.


Every man has a frog and a prince inside…which one do you inspire?
-What are the top 3 mistakes women make with men?
-What are the best questions to ask men to get to know them?
-What makes a man ready for marriage?
-What do men find irresistible about women?
-What are the effects of emasculation on men?
-What does it mean when he says, “I can see myself married to you?”
-What kind of women do men marry?
-Learn the different stages of a man what he needs from you at that particular time.

Come learn the answers and so much more! Get ready to transform your relationships with all the men in your life! Women of all ages, 16 years and up, are welcome! Join Daniele Hage for this life-changing experience!
Baffled by men? Confused by their behavior? What greater joy could I have than to invite you to a two day journey to the heart and soul of a man? If you live with men, work with men, love them or hate them, The Extraordinary Value of a Man will help you transform your relationships with all the men in your life–husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, sons and co-workers–forever!

At the end of day two, you are in for a very special treat: you will hear from a panel of extraordinary men on how they view and value women. Join me as we learn together how to have more satisfying and successful connections with the opposite sex.

Hope to see you there, Daniele